Elizabeth, Registered Dental Assistant

Monica was born and raised in Sweden and has lived in the San Francisco Bay area for the last 20 years. She has worked in Dentistry since 2009 and enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and feels that getting to know people makes her job fun and exciting. She has a passion for helping others find ways to take charge of their oral health and understand the strong connection between the mouth and body because when a patient understands the connection, they start making positive changes and become healthier. In her spare time, she enjoys running, CrossFit, horseback riding, and reading anything related to health. Her greatest enjoyment working in dentistry is seeing patients making positive changes with their oral health.​

Dr. Alex Ivanoff has been a practicing dentist for over 36 years and has always placed a strong emphasis on quality patient care. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology from the University of California, Berkeley in 1972, his Masters Degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from San Francisco State University in 1977, and received his D.D.S. Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1977. A significant part of his Postgraduate work focused on Temperomandibular Joint Disorders, Dental Implantology, and Reconstructive Dentistry. He also served as a Faculty Staff Member in the Prosthetics Department at the University of California, San Francisco Dental School.

Prior to opening his practice in Sonoma in 1999, Dr. Ivanoff had practiced in Berkeley (1977-2008) and in San Francisco (1980-2000). In addition to maintaining multiple dental practices, Dr. Ivanoff has held many key positions for Pacific Union Dental. Specifically, he was a Quality Assurance Auditor where he audited patient records, OSHA compliance, standard of care, and appropriateness of services for several dental offices. He was also on the Pacific Union Dental Board of Directors and was a member of their Peer Review Committee.

Moreover, Dr. Ivanoff was a Dental Director for Dental Benefit Providers where he was responsible for all clinical aspects of their California Division. Dr. Ivanoff also has trial experience as an Expert Witness for dental related lawsuits where he assists attorneys with case evaluations, X-ray interpretation, patient examinations, and depositions. 

Dinorha, Front Office Manager

Dinorha has worked in the medical field for over 10 years; from skilled nursing homes, an urgent care office, to an orthopedic practice, we are now fortunate have her managing the front desk of our practice! Dinorha is fluent in both English and Spanish and in her off time, she enjoys trying new restaurants as well as adventuring in the city. She is enthusiastic about meeting and getting to know our wonderful patients and helping as best she can.

We are a general dentistry practice with one full time Dentist, two Hygienists, and one Registered Dental Assistant. Our staff is friendly, multilingual, and always has our patient’s best interest in mind. We have been located in Sonoma for over eighteen years and have enjoyed every minute. Please call today to schedule your appointment.

Monica, Hygienist

Our Practice

Alex E. Ivanoff, DDS

Elizabeth was raised in Sonoma Valley and is a Sonoma Valley High School graduate, class of 2006. She has worked in the dental field for 18 years and her main interests are hiking, kayaking, and fishing. Her pride and joy is her son, Jiovani.

Alex E. Ivanoff