Alex E. Ivanoff, DDS and staff proudly provide care for children, adults, and seniors. We understand the need for consistent care. We treat each patient like family. We provide effective care that is responsive to the needs of the community of Sonoma. Our compassionate, professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible. We are dentist owned and patient driven focusing on providing conservative and affordable treatments for all. 


Alex E. Ivanoff



  • Cleanings
  • X-Rays
  • Sealants
Other Technologies

  • We are also equipped with a Global Intra-oral Microscope which is used for endodontic treatment (Root Canals), periodontal micro surgery (gum surgery), and fine finish dentistry.
  • Crowns done in one day with CEREC:
    • In the past, if you needed a crown it would take two appointments spread out over two weeks. Thanks to our CEREC milling machine and computer, we can now make your crown in one appointment! Using the CEREC milling machine, we are able to take digital impressions to create amazing porcelain crowns that are just as strong as the porcelain/ceramic crowns produced in a lab. CEREC restorations are milled out of a single block of porcelain which were created under ideal temperature and pressure conditions, leading to a more stable restoration.
    • Another benefit of digital impressions is that there is no “goop,” also known as impression material.


  • ​Tray Bleaching
  • Veneers​


  • Amalgam Fillings (Silver Fillings)

  • Composite Fillings (White Fillings)

  • Root Canals

  • Crowns (done in one day with Cerec-Crown Milling Machine) 

  • Bridges

  • Dentures

Same day denture repair is available in most cases


We are proud to announce that we have laser dentistry capabilities. Laser dentistry has a wide variety of patient benefits including:

  • Little or no need for anesthesia for cavity preparation
  • No drill noise or vibration
  • Less post operative discomfort
  • Preservation of healthy tooth structure.

For more information about Laser Dentistry patient benefits click here.